Heart-Centered Life Coaches:

"After learning Michelle's method, I now look forward to sales calls.

Nine out of 10 people hire me, and they are excited for our work together." - Rachael W.

Sorry, but Debbie Downer has some baaad news for life coaches:

It’s a cold, harsh world out there when it comes to getting clients.

Most coach certification programs don’t teach you how to kick butt at sales and client onboarding. (You know . . . the nitty-gritty stuff that pays the bills and lets you grow your impact!)

But never fear, dear — even if your palms get sweaty at the thought of sales calls. Even if you feel silly that you’re not getting clients yet . . . and if your hubby is starting to wonder (aloud — the nerve!) if your coaching certification will ever pay off . . .

‘Cuz You Can Just Sink Another $20K into a Marketing Program, Right?

Just shell out five-figs to a Marketing Guru, and you’ll be all set 🙄. Then, after months of working with that way-too-salesy Guru, you realize that their techniques feel icky and don’t match your values. You might even start doubting whether coaching is right for you because you’re “no good at sales.”

Say what?...

Introducing . . . Unscripted Sales™ Self-Study

Let me be real with you...

Everyone — and I mean EVERYONE — can be good at sales and get ALL the business they want. (The more empathic you are, the better.) 

Even if you’ve been chasing clients and shouting into the wind, I pinky-promise that you can close nearly every person you get on the phone with. How? . . . with the

Unscripted Sales™ Self-Study that’s just for coaches.

Because you’re not selling cars or life insurance, girl. You’re selling YOU — and a better life for your clients. You need a different approach — and it isn’t mass-marketing on social media. 

Your Business. Built and Thriving.

This elite method — custom-tailored just for coaches — shows you how to be open-hearted on the phone and get downright-teary-eyed on sales calls . . . then close the deal for $1,500 or more. (Some students have closed $20K coaching packages using these techniques. For reals.)

After the Unscripted Sales™ Self-Study course, you’ll totally: . . .

  • Get EXCITED about sales calls (because you’re helping people, leading with value . . . and embodying your integrity).

  • Close better clients for larger fees — with confidence — and say “no” when it's not a fit.

  • Make a bigger impact and build a lifestyle business you can be proud of.

  • Bring in more money with fewer calls!

Hello Beautiful!

I'm a million dollar sales team leader turned coach, Michelle Rockwood

Founder, Unscripted Sales™

I help heart-centered coaches sell well — and sell more — with the methods I discovered as a million-dollar sales-team leader . . . withOUT the pushy sales tactics.

I’m proud to say my clients have delivered millions of dollars of coaching services with my help. All while feeling confident, in command, and in integrity with their ethics.

And you can sell more too! 

I’m here to lead you by the hand and personally show you the behind-the-scenes methods of million-dollar coaches in the Unscripted Sales™ Program.

"First 2-in-1 day ever! That’s a new symbolic milestone for me.

Thanks for all the training!"

- Sara C.

Lets do this...

Here is What You Get

The Unscripted Sales™ Self-Study gives you what fancy marketing programs DON’T: real-world sales tactics for finding clients and closing deals. Keep reading for all the deets 👇.

Are you ready to take the next step?

The details:

Module One

Setting the stage for a successful sale!

  • Eliminate no-shows

  • Prepare the client for the call

  • Set up your calendar and specific intake questions (I’m going to share with you what million-dollar teams do here - it’s so cool)

Module Two

How to take the money!

  • When a client says yes, don’t hesitate. You’ll feel confident, and your clients will feel secure in their decision to work with you!

  • Activate the YES on the first call (this is a game-changer)

  • Support clients in paying-in-full without distracting from the YES

Module Three

5 Steps to Choice, a sales process overview

  • Grab a quick overview of the framework and understand how it came to be and why certain steps come before others in full support of the client.

  • Understand how to use the printable framework on your calls - step-by-step.

Module Four

Let’s have some fun

  • The secret to not being salesy (so simple, so profound)

  • Learn how to go beyond pleasantries and build trust quickly.

Module Five

Dive deeper

  • Understand why the real choice a client is making has nothing to do with you.

  • Learn to be confident as you talk about money, investment, and struggle.

Module Six

Dream BIG

  • Help clients to dream BIG and far beyond the humdrum of day-to-day.

  • Learn how the framework helps to eliminate the money objection forever!

Module Seven

Opportunity knocks

  • Why “pitch” is a 4 letter word and the real secret to simple and powerful offers.

  • Understand that how you feel matters more than what you say (this is so transformational).

Module Eight


  • Support clients in coming to a choice and making a decision with love & support.

  • Fall in love with objections (AKA buying questions) and lovingly support as clients take the first step to transform their lives

And so much more. . .

Um, Yes!

"But does this program work if . . .”

Yes — the Unscripted Sales Method™ can get you tons of clients . . . even if:

  • -You have no experience in sales . . . and selling makes you feel “sleazy”

  • -You don’t know how to price or package your services (I’ll show you!)

  • -You did a five-figure marketing program that didn’t get the big results you wanted

  • -You have ZERO sales so far and no social media following.

Guarantee? You Betcha

365 Day Money Back

Your success is risk-free! If you don’t bring in MORE money than you invested in this program, holler. I’ll promptly send back your payment — up to a full year later.


Get These Bonuses



I'll rush a copy of my book Joyful Selling: A Better Way to Yes For Heart-Centered Coaches to your door.

BEFORE you know it you'll love sales!

  • Dive into masculine vs. feminine sales and why a mix of both is ideal!

  • Understand how to price anchor and why that it's essential to a successful call.

  • Shift your mindset around money and get ready to receive in abundance!



Get objection help in real time and have a million-dollar sales coach in your pocket!

INSTANT answers to all your burning questions via Voxer app!

  • Confused on how to price your offer? Just ask via the app!

  • Did you get a "maybe" and you're unsure of what to do next? No problem!. I'll respond promptly via the Voxer app.

  • Get objection help in real time and have a million-dollar sales coach in your pocket!

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Immediate access to the 5 Step Sales process!

Coaching Support through Voxer

Lifetime access to the online program

heck yes!

...and much more

Celebrating a win! I just signed a new 6- month coaching client!

Jennifer Taylor

BodyMind Method Coach & Educator | Palm Coast, Florida

Michelle’s method of selling is so refreshing!

Jeanne Omlor

Business Profit & Strategist Coach | Cincinnati, Ohio

Now my client is stepping into a 3 month $2,450 program!

Laurel Goulden-James.

BodyMind Method Coach & Massage Therapist | Manitoba, Canada

But I have questions...

Frequently asked questions...

What is Voxer support and how does it work?

Voxer is a simple app that allows you to send text and voice memos. As soon as you join, we invite you to download the app (for free) and join our group chat. Here you’ll ask questions (i.e. what’s an activation fee? What calendar app is best? Why are recurring payments vital?) in real-time, and you’ll hear (or see) my responses. This feature allows us to customize your coaching while cutting through the noise of social media.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Guarantee? You Betcha. 365 day money back guarantee! I’m so confident that you’ll make back your investment that I’m happily guaranteeing your payment to get you off the fence.

Your success is risk-free! If you don’t bring in MORE money than you invested in this program, holler. I’ll promptly send back your payment — up to a full 365 days later. This program will help you help you sell your coaching if you're a life coach, a wellness coach, business coach or any service provider.

limited time only

Join Us Now

Immediate access to the 5 step process!

Support through Voxer

Lifetime access to the online program

...and much more

All of my clients go through [Michelle’s] sales training!

Michelle’s energy and expertise as a soulful sales coach has not only impacted my life and business for the better, but for all of my clients as well. All of my coaching clients go through her sales training because I’m 100% confident they are in the caring hands of an expert. I’m grateful to know her.

-Hannah Mongiat

Chicago, Illinois

Let's Recap!

Get this amazing offer before it goes away

Five Step Sales Process
Course Access (8 Modules)
Voxer Support (6 Months)
Paperback Book Mailed to Your Door!

Sales for Life ✅

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Special Price: $997

Here's what's included:

Everything you need to sell your coaching for thousands and deliver your services with ease!

Special Price: $997

  • My Proven, Five Step Sales Process.

  • Course Access (8 Core Modules).

  • Voxer Sales Coaching (6 Months)

  • Your sales bible, Joyful Selling rushed to your door!

  • Sales for life!

  • And more!

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